Artist's Statement



Artist's Statement
"I am an artist who spends a lot of time staring into flowers. I rarely work from photos or even my own drawings; perhaps they are too still. There is a stillness about a real flower, but a stillness that masks an unceasing journey of transformation.

My work is an attempt to convey this paradox of quiet grace, coupled with such inherent movement. Petals can appear to be seemingly floating on air; they can be stretched in readiness to 'take off'; they can seem to be sculpted into swirling channels and billowing shapes by an invisible wind, but there is no wind, just a silent suspension in response to light.

I work on a scale that is larger than life, so there is space for the viewer to come inside the scene and share the transient energy of this silent sensuous world."


"My pottery has developed hand in hand with my work as a painter and ceramics teacher.

I am inspired by change produced by time. Whether that be in the rocks on the sea shore or in the cycle of a flowering plant. Change that we can't see happening, but has become integral to the structure of the form we are observing.

The exciting aspect of working in clay is how change can happen at the touch of a finger, itself suggesting an unpredictable future, offering a route for maker and medium to journey together, before becoming more seemingly permanent in the fire of the kiln."

After leaving school I spent six months doing voluntary work in South India. This was a very visual experience for me and spearheaded my decision to study art. On my return I went to Banbury College of Art and then from there, to the Royal Academy Schools, where I achieved their Diploma in Fine Art in 1983. It was while at college in London that I started to “move into” flowers, perhaps a reaction to the grey harshness of the city environment.

I like to work towards an exhibition where I can show a body of recent work. Over the years I have had exhibitions on a regular basis at different venues around the country. Perhaps the most significant event in my exhibiting career was the opportunity to show 30 works in Kew Gardens. Recent solo exhibitions have been at Exbury Gardens in the New Forest, Oxford Botanic Gardens 2015, Wolfson College Oxford 2017 and East Lambrook Manor Gardens in 2021 (See below for more details of exhibitions.)

I enjoy teaching; only to paint, even if I could survive financially by it, would make me dangerously introvert and probably loopy! Two years after leaving the RA, I went to Goldsmiths’ College where I received an Art Teacher's Certificate. My career since then has been a balance between painting and teaching. Several years teaching in comprehensive schools has been followed by part-time work, in schools, further education colleges, youth clubs and most recently in Eastbury House, Sherborne, a residential home for the elderly.

After living in various locations in Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and London; my husband and I moved from Grimsby to Dorset in 2005, where I am a member of WESCA, Wessex Contemporary Art, and more recently The Dorset Salon, a Fine Art Collective.


1983   "Pick of the New Graduates" at Christies London
1983   "Royal Institute of Oil Painters" at the Mall Galleries, London
1989   "Kensington and Chelsea Artists' Exhibition", London
1990   The Flower Gallery, King's Road, London, SW3
1992   "Three Women", Greenwich Theatre Art Gallery, London (three person show)
1993   "Three Women", Knapp Gallery, Regent’s Park, London (three person show)
1994   Paintings bought for permanent display by Kimberly-Clark Ltd, N Lincs
1994-5   Mistral Gallery, Dover Street, London
1995-8   "Peterborough Exhibition Group", Peterborough Museum
1995   "West Road 95", Cambridge
1996   "Our Space", Knapp Gallery, Regent's College, London (three person show)
1996-7   "Move Closer", Kew Gardens Gallery, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London (three persons show)
1997   Roy Miles Gallery, Bruton Street, London
1998   Cottage Gallery, Huntingdon, Cambs (three person show)
1998   Royalty Agreement made with "Blossoms and Bows Ltd", Wisbech; for the production, publishing and sale of greetings cards of six paintings
1998-9   Quayside Gallery, St Ives, Cambs
2002   "A Celebration of the Environment" Gallery at the Gidenburgh, Peterborough
2002-3   20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe, N. E. Lincs
2003   Ferens Gallery, Hull
2004   "Floral Expressions" Blue Wing Gallery, Kew, London
2005   Burlington Fine Art, Burlington Arcade, London
2005   "Get out of the House" Sherborne House, Sherborne, Dorset
2006   "A Brush with Words" Martins Gallery, Cheltenham
2006   Guggleton Gallery, Stalbridge, Dorset
2006   "Petals" Figura Gallery, Windsor
2006   "A Brief Encounter" Martin's Gallery, Cheltenham
2014   "Broadway Arts Festival Competion", Little Bucklands Gallery, Broadway, Worcs
2014   "Work on Progress" a WESCA exhibition, Eype Centre for the Arts, Eype, Dorset
2015   "Pastel Society Annual Exhibition", The Mall Galleries, London
2015   "WESCA", The Slade Centre, Gillingham
2015   "Winter Fair", The Lovely Gallery, Sydenham, London
2015   "On the Edge", Fine Foundation Gallery, Durlston
2016   "Works on Paper", The Lovely Gallery, Sydenham, London
2016   "Fire" Walford Mill Crafts, Wimborne, Ceramics
2017   "Earth Pulse" H Simpson, J Burden and I Bittner Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Romsey
2018   "Wet Paint" Bridport Art Centre, Bridport, Dorset
2018   "WESCA Exhibition, Dorset Art Weeks" Viva Comeda, Sherborne, Dorset
2019   "Drawn to Dorset" I Fine Foundation Gallery, Durlston, Swanage
2019   "Summer Colour" The Tincleton Gallery, Tincleton, Dorset
2019   "Wet Paint" Dorset Salon Group.The Allsop Gallery, Bridport, Dorset
2019   "Restless Still" H Simpson I Bittner and K EdwardsThe Lovely Gallery, London SE26 5JZ
2019   "Sideways Glance" 44AD artspace, a WESCA exhibition, Bath
2019   "Drawing on Dorset" Selected drawings, exhibition and publication. Fine Foundation Gallery, Swanage, The Slade Centre, Gillingham and Dorchester Hospital
2019   "The Salon" The Lighthouse, Poole
2020   “Restless Still” H Simpson and I Bittner Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Romsey. 21st-24th February
2020   “The Salon Dorset, a Fine Art Collective” Furleigh Estate, Bridport. 6th - 28th March
2023   “Breathless" A Wesca Exhibition Shaftesbury Arts Centre, Shaftesbury. 1st - 14th March
2023   “Visual Rhythm" East Lambrook Manor Gardens, Somerset. 2nd - 30th May
1997   "Intimate Nature" Quayside Gallery, St Ives, Cambs
1997   "Hidden Movement", St Neot’s Museum, St Neot's, Cambs
1999   "Stalks and Petals", Angles Art Centre, Wisbech
2001   Blackfriars Art Centre, Boston, Lincs
2002   "Restless Stillness", the Orchard Gallery, Gunby Hall, Spilsby, Lincs
2003   Islington Arts Factory, Parkhurst Road, London
2004   Diana Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby
2004   "Tulip Fever" Muriel Barker Gallery, Heritage Centre, Grimsby
2004   "In Bloom", Alex May Gallery, Bridlington
2006   Springhead Centre for Arts, Fontmell Magna, Shaftesbury, Dorset
2007   "Breath of Light" Town Mill Galleries, Lyme Regis
2009   Artist in Residence, Nature in Art, Twigworth, Gloucester
2010   Five Arrows Gallery, Exbury Gardens, Hampshire
2015   "Whispers of Future Past", Oxford Botanic Garden, High St, Oxford
2017   "Traveller's Poise" Wolfson College, Oxford, 29th January - 17th February
2021   "Petal Poise" East Lambrook Manor Gardens, Somerset, 1st - 29th May and 24th July - 14th August